More thoughts on the neurodiverse mind

I would like to write a book someday. And I have lots of ideas I really love! Yet, when I sit down to write, these ideas become burdensome. My mind flits around from thought to thought in a massive swarm of ideas, and I find it so difficult to land on one of them and take it somewhere.

Normally, I don’t have a hard time focusing on one task. In fact, this is so typical for me to do. Narrowly focus on the minute details of a given task. So, you might think, ‘well, what’s the problem, then?” or “just do that!”

My problem with writing, however, is that this means each idea – hell, individual words even – will receive an enormous amount of focus. On top of this, ideas are bumping and crashing into each other at accelerating speeds. Imagine trying to focus on writing an email to your boss while having your kids, dogs, parrots and partner or spouse constantly demanding your attention at ever-increasing speed, for example. That’s what it’s like for me except that the kids, dogs, parrots and partner are just an analogy for the constant and repetitive noise of ideas wanting my attention. It is intense trying to write a novel in these conditions… and exhausting.

But if I do manage to write a novel someday, it would be in the vein of magical realism and science fiction. And maybe even a bit of historical fiction, too.

You see?! Smh. It’s madness, I tell you, madness!

Yet, writing this blog has done wonders for me so far. I'm actually getting some of my ideas down in a (hopefully :) coherent way! If I keep practicing, I may be able to build up the resilience I need to write my time-travel/historical-fiction/magical-realism novel :D